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The SPINNING JACKBOOT (Fasciopoda Rotatoria)

The jackboot is a vicious rotating creature that spins around deliberately stepping on everybody’s toes. This terrible pests are rarely bigger than a rat but are very gregarious and when their population increases they become a dangerous plague.
The twentieth century has known many plagues of spinning jackboots, the most infamous in Germany in which millions of spinning jackboots crushed first the toes of the German population and then spread to Europe and crushed the feet of the entire population of the continent. Incidentally, the Nazi party governing in Germany at the time found inspiration for the design of their logotype in this singular creature that had a predilection for stepping on  Jewish feet. In fact the spinning jackboot variety of the mid-thirties German plague liked to step not only on Jewish feet but on their noses too. American intervention in Europe was paramount in the eradication of the plague, thanks to the introduction of sneakers, that were more comfortable and flexible and rapidly displaced the population of jackboots.
There are still sporadic new infestations, called rebootings, of this annoying pest and it seems that, unfortunately, this resilient species hasn’t been completely eradicated yet, with surviving specimens hidden in army locker rooms.
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