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The SCISSORCERER (Aka Cutterbitch )

The scissorcerer is a creature from Irish mythology that wanders in the woods and severs the penises of any Englishman that has the misfortune of meeting her. Curiously enough English mythology describes a similar creature, the cutterbitch, that shares identical attributes although the latter severs exclusively Irish penises. This is just another beautiful example of cross-fertilization of folkloric traditions between brotherly cultures inspired by tolerance and mutual understanding.
According to tradition the scissorcerer can be summoned on a Halloween night to carry a vengeance upon your enemies or anybody you do not like. To do so you must bang your head with a rock thirteen times, although this is not advisable not only because it can cause serious brain damage but also because the scissorcerer is a mischievous creature that acts on whim and might decide to attack you.
A curious anecdote regarding the scissorcerer involving Sigmund Freud: apparently a disciple of Freud knowing of the eminent doctor interest in mythology told him about the scissorcerer when the father of psychoanalysis took up residence in London. Freud commented on the striking resemblance between the mythical creature and his mother and could not stop stuttering for the next three months. It is also said that the first designs of scissors where inspired by the odd appearance of this creature although this story seems apocryphal.
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