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The PROPHEZOO (Pulex Prophetica)

The origin of revealed religions and religious crazes can be tracked back to these tiny parasitic creatures closely related to the common flea. Prophezoos have the bad habit of nesting inside insanitary human ears. Unique among insects prophezoos have the uncanny hability to speak although what they say seldom makes any sense. Their chatter has been repeatedly mistaken by the voice of god causing erratic behaviour and claims of  divinity  in those with infested tympanums. If left unattended the most severe cases can spread to their host’s brain causing hallucinations in which a man with a long beard makes absurd claims and requests obedience and servitude.
Recent advances in sanitation like soap and cotton sticks have greatly reduced the  incidence of this peculiar plague, which explains the significant reduction of believers among the populations with access to proper ear hygiene. Although this resilient pest remains endemic in many underdeveloped countries they can also be found in some segments of the population of developed countries, like tele-evangelists and priests who stubbornly refuse to clean their ears.
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