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The FREAKY DOMESTIC BUG (Coleoptera Darthvadiensis)

This ubiquitous bug can be found in any regularly domesticated home in the Western hemisphere constitutes an excellent example of the adaptive capacity of the common bug. The freaky domestic bug has evolved physical features that allow it to fit in his immediate surroundings and thrive in its environment by adopting characteristics of mass produced entertainment appliances. The species has evolved mainly in living rooms and male human teenagers bedrooms. Kids are their main predator and the species has evolved to resemble the objects for which youth have a stronger emotional attachment, and excellent mechanism of defense that makes them really hard to kill.
The first specimen was discovered in 1978 in the bedroom of one particularly unhygienic American teenager and was named very suitably Coleoptera Darthvadiensis because its resemblance to a celebrated character of a popular movie of the time that I won’t mention here to avoid being sued.
Notice the small portable TV set that the female always carries with her. Naturalists speculate this is either the appearance of the species larva or that she carries the set for entertainment, even though the freaky domestic bug seems unable to switch channels and only turns on static. More evolved specimens have been reported by entomologists carrying flat plasma screens and remotes.
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