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The BALLSILISK (Sferokrator)

Not unlike Sisyphus and Prometheus, the ballsilisk is another unfortunate mortal that fell in disgrace with the gods for a minor incident taken out of proportion. First mentioned by Herodotus, or by some other scholar of ancient Greece who looked a lot like Herodotus, the ballsilisk is a perpetually angered creature with ninety-nine balls that are always swollen and have the weight of a dead bull. According to legend the ballsilisk was originally a king who affronted Zeus by roasting him when he had transformed into a chicken to seduce his virgin daughter who had an unusual fondness for chicken wings.  As punishment Zeus cursed his testicles to multiply to the highest two-digit number and for the hair in his armpits to grow and become entangled.
It is said that Achilles defeated the ballsilisk and cut his ninety-nine balls to make a necklace for Aphrodite who thought it was the most distasteful gift she had ever received and thrown it into the Hades along with Achilles. Cursed by Zeus the ballsilisk testicles grow back more swollen and itchy than ever driving him crazy. The basillisk is indeed the most irascible creature of the Greek pantheon and that is the reason why he is never invited to parties at the spa the gods own on top of mount Olympus.
In Greece this grumpy character has been incorporated into popular language with the expression ‘to have the balls more busted than the ballsilisk’s‘ referring to somebody who is extremely upset.
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