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The ARCTIC FLEA (Megalopulex Frigida)

This species of flea is by far the biggest of them all. While most fleas are tiny pests the size of a punctuation mark the arctic flea can reach the size of an olympic stadium and weigh several million tons. Arctic fleas spend their entire biological cycle underwater leaving only their massive frozen backs exposed drifting on the surface where they are easily mistaken as icebergs.
In spite of their massive size the arctic flea is a very shy creature. Zoologists especulate that the bad reputation of its extended family as disease carrier pests has shamed this gigantic but harmless species into a self-imposed underwater existence. Due to this characteristic timidness the life span of the arctic flea is very short: they do not dare to surface to breath and they tend to perish of asfixiation in a matter of days.
As in most species, coupling is a tricky business for arctic fleas and sexual intercourse is usually accompanied by the deafening rumble of friction between their humungous frosted backs. The courtship takes place on icebanks and lasts for several days, most of the time wasted as the male painstakingly swims along the female’s coastline, which might stretch for several miles, until he finds her genitalia. Incidentally this is the reason why  the smaller females of artic flea also are the most promiscous. Once located, the spot, which is roughly the size of a dime, intercourse takes place until the male ejaculates or if he is buried by an avalanche of ice caused by the earthquake-like mating activity. The female then releases a sigh of relief and millions of small fertilized frozen eggs that drift away in the current. These cubic-shaped eggs are well known for their application as coolant for cocktails .
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