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The AMADEUS (Cephalopoda Musicalis)

The amadeus is the only squid able to conduct a symphonic orchestra although it never gets any good reviews of his performances because critics get confused with his many tentacles and its style is too aquatic.
Aquatic is indeed its habitat and the amadeus is found mainly in the waters of Austrian castle moats that apparently remind it of orchestra pits but full of water. This is incidentally one of the reasons why the amadeus, in spite of its virtuosity as an orchestra conductor is seldom hired. It always demands the pit be filled with water which causes significant discomfort to the other players, especially the winds section that can only produce musical bubbles.
From one particularly gifted amadeus of the eighteenth century is said that Mozart took his name and musical compositions but the prevalent racism toward cephalopods at the time prevented it from being credited as the author of its own music. It was forced to live a life of deprivation in the Jewish ghetto, where it was ostracized as well due to the Jewish taboo against shellfish.
This species has many predators among other fish, even fish who are not usually predators but are trying to catch some sleep while the amadeus is rehearsing, which it does constantly and at top volume. If attacked the amadeus will emit a high falsetto note that stuns the attacker by blowing out his head.
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