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The Pride Of The Dead


The pride of the dead is thick as mist and sticks to your bones. It is dark and made of laughter. It is the light behind the bones blinding you with lies. It wastes no time and it is merciless. And now you can buy it in a three pack with one for free. Isn’t that neat? You can read about it in the internet and even has its own web page. It does not mind it is gloomy because the packaging is good and it is appealing. The pride of the dead is on discount these days folks, do not miss the opportunity. Once in a lifetime, money back guarantee. Pride like this does not decay or expires, it is tax free and odorless. If you can find better than this don’t hesitate, purchase it now on credit.

I am thinking this while watching the traffic dead on the streets, dead quiet in the dead air. The buildings in the distance are the shapes taken of the city’s perspiration, ghosts of smoke that causes pulmonary diseases. I feel nausea and I feel drawn to the noise and smoke. I look down to the street. Just some passerby’s tiny figures moving in the pavement. That is what a passerby does better, to pass by leaving no trace of his passing. I could leave a big splashing trace of red blood in the pavement down there. That would last in the mind of one of those strangers: a big pink mushroom-shaped pink cloud blossoming in a perfect dead instant before their horrified eyes. The sudden realization that life can vanish in a gory fraction of a second. But that sure would hurt so I back away from the railing of my balcony and look inside my room. Now it is in shadows and empty but if I had looked inside my room twenty minutes ago I would have seen myself and there would have been somebody there with me. Now the shadow of that person is fading inside of me and it is becoming something else. It is becoming a memory and that memory is struggling to fit in the great scheme of things. The scheme of things as we see them. We all have one. Some are more convoluted than others, but they are all pretty convoluted and they only make sense to ourselves.

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