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Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world. I apologize if it is untidy, but that is the way worlds are. This one is a very dark world, dusty and old. There is a room in this world, not less dusty, not less old. In this room there is a man. This man is an old man. His hair is white. His skin cracked. He is screaming, for some reason. This old man wants to fuck. And he wants to fuck really hard, you know. That is why he is screaming. The room is a kitchen but it looks like a set.  A cheap and dirty cardboard-made set. The lighting is poor. The old man is yelling. ‘ Traigame a las viejas! * he says. The old man reeks of liquor. He is drunk. But still, he wants to fuck. He is calling into the darkness asking for women. To fuck them. There is little chance this stinky old man will get any women. The darkness is merciless and he stinks. But an old woman comes. She comes from the darkness. She smells like darkness. She tastes like darkness, not that we try. She is made of darkness. She bits the stinky old man in the cracked lips. She does this hard and without mercy, because she is made of darkness. And darkness is merciless. As we said. The old man feels the dusty dead tongue of the old ugly woman inside his mouth. It tastes like rotten strawberries. Strawberries are sweet, but not the rotten ones.  Those are bitter and taste like death. The old man thinks: ‘I can’t fuck death, but death can fuck me’ The man is dead right. Death can fuck him. And she can fuck him really hard. Harder than he had ever been fucked before. Longer than he had ever been fucked before. I like that, he thinks, to be fucked really hard. That is why he was screaming before. He wanted to be fucked really hard. And death came and she fucked him really hard. She fucked him to death. And then he was really hers. He was then made of darkness too. But he cannot fuck any more. Because he is dead. He is fucked. No more cries. No more sorrows. No more waking up early in the morning to work. No more sunshine, no more rain. No more fucking. No more fucking around with death because you are now fucking her. Forever more.

(*) ‘Traigame a las viejas! ‘ Bring me the old hags!’ in original Spanish from the movie The Wild Bunch by Sam Peckinpah

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