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Saying Something Substantial About Truth

headspring2If you want your voice to be heard, lose your hope, and your hopes will be fulfilled. If you want your time to run faster, don’t worry, he is faster than you. He will eventually catch you, and he will tell you the truth. The truth is that there is no truth. Because truth is just a fancy tune, but not true. Do a little dancing at the beat of that fancy tune and you will be forever dancing at its tune. Do a little singing too. Come on man, go and sing them about the truth. The truth is that is not true. Phone lines are still working and connection is not lost. Come on man, tell them that. Tell them there will be no pain. No sorrow. Tell them the truth, which is not true. Say something they wanna hear: a lie, something not true.  Because real truth is too funny. Too true. Tell them you are interested to hear. To hear about the truth. They will be enchanted to tell you about that, about truth. All they will say are lies too. How could it possibly be otherwise? After all, they are speaking about truth. The truth is that there is not limits and no expectations too. The truth is that maybe somebody  is listening but that is unlikely true. But if anybody were listening, what would he think about you? He would be thinking you are lying while speaking the truth. The truth is that nobody is listening what you say about truth. Nobody knows it is true. The truth is that truth is too good liar to be fooled by you. Close your eyes to see the truth. Now you can really say you are watching the truth. You can’t see nothing, that is true. Because you are watching the truth.

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