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Room for Clarissa: Tragedy in one and a half acts 1/2


1/2 ACT

We are back on the same room but it is a bit darker and the alligator is gone. Clarissa is still on the ceiling but she is not alone this time. She is sitting talking to a rabbit and surprisingly enough he seems to be following the conversation. In fact he does most of the talking but they speak so quietly that the only thing we can hear is a murmur and see Clarissa nodding and looking occasionally at a bulb she holds in her hand. The rabbit is trying to talk Clarissa into introducing the bulb in her vagina but she is reluctant. A lot of things can go wrong if you do such a thing.

She is thinking in feeding the rabbit to the alligator when she remembers she sent him to do the laundry. She will have to wait he is back or strangle the rabbit with her bare hands. But to do so she should leave the bulb go and it would probably break. Because they are on the ceiling, remember.

She doesn’t want that to happen, the bulb is precious to her although it is fused. She feels an affinity to the bulb that surpasses her feelings for anybody else, including her husband who was also a bulb and died in a car accident when somebody propelled him out of the car’s window. She found the body on a ditch and carefully picked up the little pieces but could not find glue on the store and broke into tears. The cashier was devastated. He was sorry, but their stock of adhesives had run out, a sticky situation he said trying to cheer her up. She got so cheered up that she slapped him in the face and ran, ran, ran and when she couldn’t run no more she realized she had been running in the wrong direction and had lost a shoe to top it out.

Those were hard things to remember, being so stupid. Marrying a bulb just to discover that you live in house without electricity. Hers had been an unhappy marriage without love, without children, without voltage.

That is why she came here. To this house. To this ceiling. To see things from a different perspective.

While Clarissa is lost into her bittersweet memories the rabbit had lost interest and crawled to a the corner to watch TV until one hour later he realized it was off. Both remain in deep silence for long time. You can listen to the eerie music of shadows slowly pouring down the walls to be engulfed by darkness and you think that is not the best way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Then the rabbit turns his fur green and asks:

– Did you do the laundry today?

– No, I sent Ben.

– I see

– What do you mean?

– Nothing

– Really? Are you sure?

– Yes, why?

– I don’t know.

– You don’t know what?

– Nothing

– I told you

– What?

They run out of more stupid things to say an leap into silence again, too afraid to speak for fear of making fools of themselves again. They stay frozen in silence for four hours and people grows impatient an leave. But some stay until the end two weeks later when the rabbit dies of starvation and Clarissa commites suicide by swallowing her bulb. Her dead body plummeting from the ceiling makes big hole in the carpentry and there is much enjoyment.

The End

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